Connor Clark-Short

Head of Design and Logistics, Co-Founder

Hello, I'm Connor, your go-to expert in design innovation, logistics mastery, and turn-key project management. With a rich tapestry of 12 years in the design and manufacturing realm, I have seamlessly blended creativity with precision, orchestrating projects from concept to delivery. Let me take you through the journey of design excellence and logistical prowess.

For over a decade, I've been crafting design narratives and bringing them to life through meticulous manufacturing. From concept sketches to the final product, my experience spans the entire spectrum, ensuring that every detail is not just considered but celebrated. Innovation and functionality are at the core of my design philosophy.

Navigating the intricacies of turn-key project management is my forte. I thrive on transforming ideas into reality, overseeing every aspect from conceptualization to execution. Whether it's creating captivating spaces or delivering bespoke designs, my approach is rooted in efficiency, creativity, and a keen eye for detail.

Logistics is the heartbeat of any successful project. With a proven track record in logistic management, I ensure that every component aligns seamlessly, delivering projects on time and within budget. My logistical acumen extends beyond the ordinary, facilitating the smooth flow of materials, resources, and information.

Having immersed myself in the dynamic world of hospitality, I understand the unique demands of creating spaces that not only captivate but also function flawlessly. My designs and logistics solutions are crafted with the hospitality industry's nuances in mind, ensuring an experience that exceeds expectations.